Chain Reaction: A Lucinda Pierce homicide investigation

Chain Reaction: A Lucinda Pierce homicide investigation

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One quiet Sunday morning, homicide investigator Lucinda Pierce is called out to a bomb blast at a local high school. It seems the caretaker has been fatally wounded in the explosion and there is one other unidentified body. A bomb blast points towards suspected terrorism so, much to her annoyance, Lucinda is pulled off the case and the FBI takes over. While they are determined to prove this was an act of terrorism, Lucinda is convinced otherwise and pursues her own investigation -- along with FBI agent Jake Lovett, who just happens to believe she may be right. When another high school pupil's dead body is discovered, Lucinda is convinced she is pursuing the right path in uncovering the motivations for the bomber. However, will the competing agencies ever acknowledge her conviction and allow her to solve the case?a#39;I dona#39;t know, sir.a#39; a#39;Do you have anyidea where he was planning to go today?a#39; a#39;No, sir. ... She whipped out her iPhone and punched Jakea#39;s name on her favorites list. Her heart sank when it went straight to voicemail. a#39;Hey, Jake, just as soonas you can, call me.Ita#39;s important.a#39; She looked at ... make findingLovett a priority but.

Title:Chain Reaction: A Lucinda Pierce homicide investigation
Author:Diane Fanning
Publisher:Severn House Publishers Ltd - 2014-03-01


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