Cation Exchange Pretreatment Studies for High Recovery - Yuma Desalting Plant

Cation Exchange Pretreatment Studies for High Recovery - Yuma Desalting Plant

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The main purpose of the High Recovery Test Program was to obtain feasibility design data for cation exchange softening to allow a greater fractional recovery of desalted product water at the YDP (Yuma Desalting Plant). Compared to the original YDP design with 70-percent desalting recovery, additional removal of calcium in the desalting feed would allow recoveries over 90 percent. The sole chemical regeneration solution for the IX (ion exchange) process during steady-state operation would be the sodium-rich reject brine from the desalting equipment. Pilot plant equipment to test this process was operated at the YDTF (Yuma Desalting Test Facility) and consisted of an IX unit and an electrodialyzer to supply reject-brine regenerant for the IX experiments. Because the reject-brine contained major concentrations of sulfate, gypsum scale occurred in the resin bed under certain IX operating conditions. Scaling occurred especially when the water temperatures were about 30 AdC in the summer. Scaling did not occur with water temperatures of 15 AdC in the winter. Gypsum scale buildup in the resin bed could be avoided by regeneration with a high upward flow rate causing a fluidized bed. Reuse of regenerant was also beneficial. Multiple regression analysis of the IX data delineated the importance of several control variables in the IX experiments, including regeneration concentration, flow rate, volume, and temperature. The major response variable was the specific calcium resin capacity divided by the IX cycle duration. This number is inversely proportional to the design resin requirement. Results show that the ion exchange high recovery pretreatment process is highly feasible, and that it is technically possible to achieve high recovery in the YDP. Numerous recommendations for a plant design are given and future studies are noted.Fresh, Regenerant-Volume Balance Fresh Fresh - Estimated regenerant regeneranta#39; Service ED feed Run 3, 17, 00 ... 6/17/79 , 1000 a#39; 19 520 - e320 3300 as a#39; 1.01 07 6/13/79 1000 a#39;3-- 19 sgoI - 6030 a#39; 3300 as 0.99 00 6/18/79 1000 ~ 19 520 6920-a#39; 3300 a#39; as 0.90 . ... C a€œSlam - a#39; I - - a#39; 26 133 - 5190 24 500 5400 t. r. {105/ c000.)anbsp;...

Title:Cation Exchange Pretreatment Studies for High Recovery - Yuma Desalting Plant
Author:J. W. Kaakinen, Paul E. Laverty
Publisher:Applied Sciences Branch, Division of Research, Engineering Research Center, Bureau of Reclamation, 1983 - 1983-01-03


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