Catch Mumps at the Boot Sale

Catch Mumps at the Boot Sale

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I wonder how many times youa€™ve said to yourself, a€œIf only I could live my life againa€? Well, if youa€™re anything like me, then youa€™ve asked this hundreds of times. But we cana€™t live our lives over. Ita€™s as plain and simple as that! We should all remember the best moments of our past life and enjoy the moment we are living in right now. This little book has its roots in life a€“ the real life of me and my little dog, Mumps. Set against the backdrop of many weekends spent beavering away at the national pastime of car booting, Catch Mumps at the Boot Sale is full of anecdotes, suspense, and tragedy. A good dose of humour is thrown in for good measure. Life is humorous. If only we could see the funny side of things, no matter how bad it gets. Any doctor will tell you that laughter is one of the best medicines he or she can prescribe, so why not grab yourself a dose by dipping into this little novel? Not laughing is for your wife when you ask her if you can borrow her lipstick because your girlfriend has smudged hers on your best white collar! This novel is not one of those books where you have to plough through pages and pages of description to get to the point. The chapters in this book are succinct, single doses. They are to be injected straight into your funny bone whenever you need a dose. Enjoy!A happy bunch of lads they were, always whistling as they came up the road, followed by their dustcart with its sliding doors along each side. They would carry a persona#39;s dustbin on their shoulders right round from the back garden in thoseanbsp;...

Title:Catch Mumps at the Boot Sale
Author:Douggie Barker
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-09-08


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