Carrots and Sticks

Carrots and Sticks

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Could you lose weight if you put $20, 000 at risk? Would you finally set up your billing software if it meant that your favorite charity would earn a new contribution? If youa€™ve ever tried to meet a goal and came up short, the problem may not have been that the goal was too difficult or that you lacked the discipline to succeed. From giving up cigarettes to increasing your productivity at work, you may simply have neglected to give yourself the proper incentives. In Carrot and Sticks, Ian Ayres, the New York Times bestselling author of Super Crunchers, applies the lessons learned from behavioral economicsa€”the fascinating new science of rewards and punishmentsa€”to introduce readers to the concept of a€œcommitment contractsa€: an easy but high-powered strategy for setting and achieving goals already in use by successful companies and individuals across America. As co-founder of the website (where people have entered into their own a€œcommitment contractsa€ and collectively put more than $3 million on the line), Ayres has developed contractsa€”including the one he honored with himself to lose more than twenty pounds in one yeara€”that have already helped many find the best way to help themselves at work or home. Now he reveals the strategies that can give you the impetus to meet your personal and professional goals, including how to a€c motivate your employees a€c create a monthly budget a€c set and meet deadlines a€c improve your diet a€c learn a foreign language a€c finish a report or project youa€™ve been putting off a€c clear your desk Ayres shares engaging, often astounding, real-life stories that show the carrot-and-stick principle in action, from the compulsive sneezer who needed a a€œsticka€ (the potential loss of $50 per week to a charity he didna€™t like) to those who need a carrot with their stick (the New York Times columnist who quit smoking by pledging a friend $5, 000 per smoke . . . if she would do the same for him). Youa€™ll learn why you might want to hire a a€œprofessional naggera€ whom youa€™ll do anything to avoida€”no, your spouse wona€™t do!a€”and how you can a€œhand-tiea€ your future self to accomplish what you want done now. Youa€™ll find out how a New Zealand ad exec successfully a€œsold his smoking addiction, a€ and why Zappos offered new employees $2, 000 to quit cigarettes. As fascinating as it is practical, as much about human behavior as about how to change it, Carrots and Sticks is sure to be one of the most talked-about books of the year. From the Hardcover edition.A similar phone offered by Sprint Nextel in New York provoked litigation in 2006 when users, contrary to the marketing materials, found a way to use their phone for texting. But in Israel the disabling tool goes even further. The service provider, MIRS Communication, working with a rabbinic council, has blocked more than ten thousand telephone mnnbers for phone-sex and escort services. At Yale, I haveanbsp;...

Title:Carrots and Sticks
Author:Ian Ayres
Publisher:Bantam - 2010-09-21


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