Carbonate Microfabrics

Carbonate Microfabrics

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Carbonate Microfabrics is the first attempt to bring together in one reference the application of microfabric analysis to the solution of problems in the fields of geology, geophysics and geotechnique. This book, the result of a symposium and workshop on carbonate microfabrics, explores the relationship of microfabrics to fundamental properties and processes in carbonates. Carbonate Microfabrics will be of particular interest to geologists and is intended to be of general interest to researchers in such related fields as geochemistry, geophysics, and geotechnique.Diagram illustrating P-VT relationships for a freshwater fluid inclusion trapped near the surface at 20AdC and buried. ... fluid inclusion lies along an isochore that intersects the vaporliquid line at a higher temperature than that of the original fluid inclusion. ... At room temperature, its internal pressure may be close to a vacuum (if the bubble contains only water vapor) or very high if the inclusion had refilled during reequilibration with a liquid containing a significant amount of dissolved gas.

Title:Carbonate Microfabrics
Author:Richard Rezak, Dawn L. Lavoie
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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