Captured by the Light

Captured by the Light

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IMAGINE THE ADVANTAGE YOUa€™D HAVE IF ONE OF THE WORLDa€™S TOP WEDDING SHOOTERS SHARED HIS SECRETS WITH YOU World-renowned wedding photographer, and one of the most widely acclaimed instructors in the industry today, David Ziser brings his no-nonsense, straight-to-the-point teaching style to a book that totally rewrites the rules for how wedding photography is taught. This groundbreaking new book is the first of its kind to focus on the exact areas that wedding photographers have been begging a top pro like David to cover, including how to create professional quality light and beautiful images in every situation, how to compose wedding images that sell, and how to create amazing images in the limited time and at the fast pace of a wedding. But David doesna€™t just stop there. He covers every aspect of what todaya€™s brides and wedding couples want from a wedding photographer, including poses that work every time and cana€™t-miss lighting setups you can use again and again, and everything is laid out in a brilliant step-by-step method that makes learning these techniques so easy, youa€™ll be able to pull off these same looks yourself (without spending thousands on expensive equipment). Plus, the book is packed with Davida€™s tricks of the trade that hea€™s picked up in a career shooting all over the world. LEARN HOW THE PROS REALLY DO IT Each year David trains thousands of photographers on how to shoot weddings like a pro. He knows the problems and challenges todaya€™s wedding photographers face, and thata€™s exactly what he covers in this book. Youa€™ll learn everything on the list here and much more: Professional posing and composition tips Simple on-location lighting setups that are specially designed for the wedding photographer How to get gorgeous images using a minimal amount of time and equipment Creative lighting techniques that anyone can use to create dramatic wedding portraits that will set you apart Davida€™s own camera settings and lens selections (which lenses to use when, and why), and how to get the best results with your existing gear How pros use on- and off-camera f lash, and a host of tricks of the trade that will make you more profitable and have you delivering the type of wedding shots youa€™ve always dreamed of! Plus, the book includes the complete cover-to-cover layout from one of Davida€™s wedding album designs to help spark your creative juices and give you ideas to take your own layouts to the next level. The wedding photography industry has been waiting for a landmark book that would become a€œthe booka€ that finally changes everything, and thata€™s exactly what youa€™ll be getting with the purchase of this book.Yes, I still use a light meter, but now it is the camera. Instead of reading the numbers off a light meter, I use the cameraa#39;s visual assets, like the histogram. First, let me warn you about one thing that ... Currently both my Canon EOS 7D and 5Danbsp;...

Title:Captured by the Light
Author:David Ziser
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2010-02-03


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