Captivating Captains

Captivating Captains

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Enjoy all three Captivating Captains Trilogy books in one omnibus version. PIRATE OF HER HEART: qLife is short, Faith. I take what I can when I can, and if I burn in hell, it will be without regrets.q Geoffrey Hampton has little faith in his fellow man. The English privateer follows his own fearless code, taking his fortune and his pleasures as he sees fit. And as for the possibility of finding true love, well, it's a romantic illusion as unlikely as finding a beautiful woman on the high seas. But Faith Cooper is no illusion--she's a stowaway from Boston Harbor. She's also a delectable flesh-and-blood woman who seems immune to the pirate captain's considerable charms. In fact, Faith is unlike any woman he has ever known--intelligent, unwavering in her beliefs, and truly innocent. Someone who challenges his heart at every turn. Now, as two unlikely lovers make passage to the warm, sultry winds of seventeenth-century Jamaica, a deep abiding passion flares, giving Geoffrey a treasure he never dared to hope for and a woman he cannot afford to lose. Originally published under the title INTO HIS ARMS, PIRATE OF HER HEART is the first book in the Captivating Captains Series. ALWAYS A PIRATE: qLife is like that, Grace. Sometimes you sail with nothing to trust but the stars... It all works out if you plot your course carefully.q Giles Courtney may be the captain of his own ship, but he's not yet certain he's the master of his destiny. His reckless pirating days behind him, Giles is determined to make a respectable name for himself. Unfortunately he must inform his first patron that his convictions forbid him to traffic in slaves--an uncommon principle in the Caribbean of the seventeenth century. While wealthy sugar planter Edmund Welbourne is astounded by Giles' refusal, his beautiful daughter Grace is quite obviously intrigued--and Giles is instantly attracted. As intelligent and spirited as she is lovely, Grace is everything Giles wants in a wife--but their hasty marriage soon proves to be a challenge that will take him back to the high seas, risking everything for romance. Originally published under the title FOR HER LOVE, ALWAYS A PIRATE is the second book in the Captivating Captains Series that began with PIRATE OF HER HEART. NOBODY'S SAINT: qJust tell me why! Why is it that you could break every rule for my brother, but you cannot bend a single one for me?q Upon the death of his older brother, suddenly Andrew Carrington has everything he never asked for: the title of Earl of Danford, a once-sweet daughter turned rebel, a rakehell younger brother -- and the temptation of his late brother's exquisite widow under his roof. It was scandalous enough when the late earl married the bastard daughter of a duke and his outrageous mistress, but if anyone were to learn the even more shocking secret Miranda Carrington hides, it would hurt everyone she loves, including handsome, take-charge Andrew -- the Carrington brother she wishes she had met first...Her Giles? * Giles washed dishes while Grace made another attempt to get her things to fit neatly into the drawers and wardrobe. ... She opened a drawer to reveal a frothy mass of still more lace and fine, white silk and linen. Giles stared at itanbsp;...

Title:Captivating Captains
Author:Paula Reed
Publisher:NLA Digital LLC - 2014-01-31


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