Can a Machine Have a Soul?

Can a Machine Have a Soul?

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In the late twenty-first century, man's mechanical creations turned on him when the bombs fell from the sky in what was later to called qArmageddon.q After the nuclear winter, the surviving one percent of the world's population took up arms and fought against humanity's inhuman, mechanical oppressors. In the midst of the war, one lone machine becomes an outcast to its own kind when it decides that what it was designed to do is wrong. In the end, humanity will ask only one question: Can a Machine Have a Soul?Pieces of the ceiling had long-since fallen down onto the floor and parts of the wall were cracking and breaking. ... holstered its sidearm and sprinted over to the four-door S.U.V., which was a salvaged late-21st century Dodge Durango vehicle .

Title:Can a Machine Have a Soul?
Author:Jordan Eldridge
Publisher:Author House - 2013-10-30


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