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Well; I can sure say that my life did not turn out the way I expected. My life did not turn out how anyone would expect. I never thought that I would commit a crime and get arrested, but I did. I never thought that I would end up being a shemale sissy maid, but I did. I never thought that I would fall in love with and marry a lesbian, but I did. I never thought that I would live my life as a submissive to a dominate Lady, but I do. I never thought that I would become an attorney and save the innocent from going to prison, but I have. I never thought that I would be able to look at someone and ask a few questions and know what was wrong with them and save their life, but I have, several times. I never thought that I would infiltrate the Russian Mob and save the lives of 39 young ladies, but I did. I never thought that I would be in a position to help the FBI, Interpol and Lloyds of London solve kidnapping crimes, but I have. I never thought that I would become a psychologist, but I have. I never thought that I would marry a financial genus that would make me almost 50 million dollars in less than 4 years, but I did, I never thought that my life would be so diverse and exciting in many different ways, but it is. Just in the past 6 weeks alone; I have saved the life of Molly, my mother in law, I saved a family of 11 from needing to sell 10 of their kidneys just to survive, I calmed the minds and hearts of Mindy, Toni, Sabrina, and Cally concerning the newest member of our unusual family concerning the arrival of a real dominate ALPA male who Ally brought home and fell in love with, I was working with the FBI, Interpol, and Lloyds of London in solving the kidnapping of 8 men, I took on a criminal case involving Allya€™s new Love; whereas he was arrested for caning a young lady in a BDSM relationship. This case will become very interesting in the future, but it concerns everyone who practices any part of BDSM; you will want to stay tuned for this outcome, I got to make love to one of the smartest, the most pretty, the most Lady, the intelligent Cally; my wife. Just thinking about how much I love Cally brings tears to my eyes. I am the luckiest shemale sissy maid in the entire world!I had been put in that same position before, most recently at FemDom Nation. Otherwise, in that position I could either give a guy a blow job or get taken in the ass or one guy could get a blow job ... Anyway, Sir; left me like that as he unbound Slut Ally from her bondage position on the bench and took her over to the wallanbsp;...

Author:M MISSY
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-26


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