Calculus Manual 1:Function Definitions for Students

Calculus Manual 1:Function Definitions for Students

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This award-nominated calculus manual, qeye candy for calculus studentsq includes three chapters (with calculator computations). Chapter One: functions, limits and rates of change; functions; function limits; strategy to use tangent lines to parabolas as slope predictors. Chapter Two: derivatives, derivative chain rule, derivative as rates of change, trig functions, derivatives of exponential and logarithmic functions, differentials, approximations, linear/quadratic, linear approximations, applications, derivatives: graphing/curve sketching, antiderivatives. Chapter Three: integral calculus, indefinite integrals, fundamental theorem of integral calculus, integration numerical.

Title:Calculus Manual 1:Function Definitions for Students
Author:E. E. Engstrom
Publisher:E.E. Engstrom - 2003


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