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This new edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to reflect the state-of-the-practice of CAD/CAM/CAE systems.;Maintaining and enhancing the style of presentation of the first edition, CAD/CAM/CAE Systems (second edition) aims to provide a broad, solid understanding of each critical issue involved with the implementation and evaluation of systems; gives industry tested cost justification models to assess the feasibility of purchasing or leasing a system; supplies step-by-step explanations of every aspect of implementation, from initial facility planning to long-term maintenance; shows how to prepare personnel for a new system, including job skills, training stages, organization, and adminstration; illustrates a complete system audit, including five important approaches to determining overall success, six areas that can be judged separately, the dangers of benchmarking, and a two-year follow-up study; and more.;Furnishing the most up-to-date methods, CAD/CAM/CAE Systems, Second edition offers new features such as: a study of the proliferation of personal computers and their role in organizations; a discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of value added remarketers as an alternative to purchasing from conventional CAD/CAM companies; an examination of the cost-effectiveness of third party service organizations; and more. CAD/CAM/CAE Systems is intended as a guide for software, hardware, mechanical, manufacturing, industrial, and design engineers; draftspersons; managers; purchasing agents, acquisition personnel, and company officers responsible for deciding on CAD/CAM/CAE system implementation or augmentation; and graduate-level and continuing-education students in these disciplines.A brief description of each catalog follows: 5.1.1 AE Applications engineering jobs that are currently in work 5.1.2 PL Product line jobs that are currently in work 5.1.3 WD Wring diagrams and electrical drawings that are currently in work 5.

Title:CAD/CAM/CAE Systems
Author:Mark E. Coticchia, George W. Crawford, Edward J. Preston
Publisher:CRC Press - 1993-04-28


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