C++ Game Development Primer

C++ Game Development Primer

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C++ is the language behind most of today's computer games. This 96-page C++ Game Development Primer takes you through the accelerated process of writing games for otherwise experienced C++ programmers. After reading this book, youa€™ll have the fundamental know-how to become a successful and profitable game applications developer in todaya€™s increasingly competitive indie game marketplace. For those looking for a quick introduction to C++ game development and who have good skills in C++, this will get you off to a fast start. C++ Game Development Primer is based on Learn C++ for Game Development by the same author, giving you the essentials to get started in game programming without the unnecessary introduction to C++. What youa€™ll learn How to write C++ games using object-oriented programming techniques How to work with design patterns in C++ game development How to apply C++ to native game activities How to build an actual game project Who this book is for This book is for aspiring game developers with previous C++ programming experience who want to build game applications. Table of Contents 1. Managing Memory for Game Development 2. Useful Design Patterns for Game Development 3. Using File IO to Save and Load Games 4. Speeding Up Games with Concurrent Programming 5. Supporting Multiple Platforms in C++ 6. Wrapping Up with a Game Project Case StudyIa#39;d recommend abstracting out everything that you know uses a platform specific API or any classes that require the inclusion of platform specific header files. Even if you ... An easy to understand example is that PlayStation 4 controller code will not compile in an Xbox One target. Text Adventure The C++ programming language is a tool which CHAPTER 5: Supporting Multiple Platforms in C++ 67 Summary.

Title:C++ Game Development Primer
Author:Bruce Sutherland
Publisher:Apress - 2014-10-30


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