C for the Microprocessor Engineer

C for the Microprocessor Engineer

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C for the Microprocessor Engineer is designed to introduce the reader to the use, problems and advantages of using C as the programming medium for embedded microprocessor systems. It can be used as a general stand-alone text in microprocessor technology, since only a limited background is expected in microprocessor hardware and software. Key Features: written from an engineering point of view rather than taking a traditional software approach; real-world commercial hardware and software products used throughout; comparison between 8-bit (6809) and 16/32-bit (68000) processor made in order to emphasize the portability advantages of a high-level language; introduction of software tools such as relocatable assemblers, linkers, compilers and simulators; and use of a mini-project to bring together, compare and contrast the various concepts introduced in the text.Illegal Instruction, 000010 -13h Entered if an illegal op-code is encountered, but see line A and line F Exceptions below. Divide by Zero, 000014 -17h ... Line A Op -Code, 000028 -2Bh Entered when the upper 4 bits of the op-code are 10106.

Title:C for the Microprocessor Engineer
Author:S. J. Cahill, Sid Katzen
Publisher: - 1994-01-01


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