Burial for a King

Burial for a King

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In the aftermath of Martin Luther King Jr.a€™s assassination, riots broke out in 110 cities across the country. For five days, Atlanta braced for chaos while preparing to host Kinga€™s funeral. An unlikely alliance of former student radicals, the middle-aged patrician mayor, the no-nonsense police chief, black ministers, white churchgoers, Atlantaa€™s business leaders, Kinga€™s grieving family members, and his stunned SCLC colleagues worked to keep Atlanta safe, honor a murdered hero, and host the tens of thousands who came to pay tribute. On April 9, 1968, 150, 000 mourners took part in a daylong series of rituals honoring Kinga€”the largest funeral staged for a private U.S. citizen. Kinga€™s funeral was a dramatic event that took place against a national backdrop of war protests and presidential politics in a still-segregationist South, where Georgiaa€™s governor surrounded the state capitol with troops and refused to lower the flag in acknowledgment of Kinga€™s death. Award-winning journalist Rebecca Burns delivers a riveting account of this landmark week and chronicles the convergence of politicians, celebrities, militants, and ordinary people who mourned in a peaceful Atlanta while other cities burned. Drawing upon copious research and dozens of interviewsa€” from staffers at the White House who dealt with the threat of violence to members of Kinga€™s family and inner circlea€”Burns brings this dramatic story to life in vivid scenes that sweep readers from the mayora€™s office to the White House to Coretta Scott Kinga€™s bedroom. Compelling and original, Burial for a King captures a defining moment in Americaa€™s history. It encapsulates Kinga€™s legacy, Americaa€™s shifting attitude toward race, and the emergence of Atlanta as a new kind of Southern city.Jesse Jackson had gone back to Chicago after Kinga#39;s death, then flew to Atlanta. Arriving at ... They loaded their yellow Ford Falcon *Nearly as much as a mena#39;s Hathaway shirt, advertised by Atlantaa#39;s Musea#39;s clothing store for $9 that week. station wagon with groceries and got ready to go downtown 110 / BURIAL FOR A KING.

Title:Burial for a King
Author:Rebecca Burns
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2011-01-04


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