Building Network Capabilities in Turbulent Competitive Environments

Building Network Capabilities in Turbulent Competitive Environments

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Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) are among the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world. The enormous size of the customer base in these emerging markets is the strategic concern of global business firms. Successful market performance in these markets requires sound understanding of dynamic environmental factors and timely investment of appropriate resources. This book presents strategies for recognizing the challenges and optimizing the opportunities for building network capabilities and competitive advantage within the context of these emerging markets. Building Network Capabilities in Turbulent Competitive Environments provides a thorough review of the literature and an unparalleled abundance of fascinating case studies featuring Japanese, Korean, and indigenous business examples. To gather real-world information, research teams made numerous field visits to many firms in the BRIC markets to meet and interview executives and observe their manufacturing and supply chain practices. The information in this book is presented within a fully formulated theoretical framework of three core competencies: technology competence (capability to offer innovative products that fit these markets), customer competence (capability to understand and satisfy different customer needs), and linkage competence (ability to integrate technology and customer competence). The book also covers the concepts of product architecture and supply chain management to provide a more in-depth analysis of global firms operating in BRIC markets.8.2.2 Development of Etios Sedan Toyotaa#39;s product development strategy for the Indian market went far beyond its development patterns for the Japanese domestic market. Etios Sedan (that has been popular among Indian consumers) anbsp;...

Title:Building Network Capabilities in Turbulent Competitive Environments
Author:Paul Hong, YoungWon Park
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-12-19


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