Building a 3D Game Engine in C++

Building a 3D Game Engine in C++

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Everything you need to create your own 3D game engine Most game programming books hand you a finished game engine and then tell you how to add on a few features, so you're locked into someone else's design from the beginning. But why compromise? This book shows you how to build your own custom engine from scratch using AST3D, a powerful 3D graphics library that's included on the disk. Now you can build the game you want, and you'll never have to pay a licensing fee again. This book/disk set, written by professional game programmer Brian Hook, gives all the technical details, shortcuts, and tricks of the trade he had to learn the hard way. Find out how to: Design and develop games like the professionals Create real-time 3D graphics games Implement collision and boundary detection Create qintelligentq entities using AI algorithms Disk includes: AST3D, a C++ library specifically designed for 3D game programming Source code for Borland and Watcom C++ compilers An original 3D game engine you can use to create your own games

Title:Building a 3D Game Engine in C++
Author:Brian Hook
Publisher:Wiley - 1995-07-06


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