Budgeting Smarts

Budgeting Smarts

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Budgeting. That sounds like a lot of work! But actually, budgeting is easy. You just need to make sure the money you have coming in is equal to or greater than the money you have going out. If you make a budget and stick to it, you'll be surprised what you can accomplish. You can save money for a car or college-and still have spending money in your pocket.This book explores budgeting from all angles. You'll discover - how to make your own budget-either with a computer program or with simple pen and paper.- how to evaluate your financial goals and priorities to make sure you have money for the things you really care about.- the ins and outs of banking, saving money, and earning interest.- how to make smart spending decisions to make the most of your cash. - the benefits-and the dangers-of using credit cards.Supplemented with articles and information from USA TODAY, the Nation's No. 1 Newspaper, Budgeting Smartsdelivers solid advice and firsthand stories of real teens handling many of the same money decisions you are. Ready to wise up to budgeting? Read on!You can also find customer reviews by typingthe name ofthe item you wantto buy and a€œreviewsa€ into a search engine. Rememberthat most online shopping requires a credit card, but using a credit card online can expose you to credit card fraud. Some criminalstry to ... Then you wona#39;t have to worry about credit card fraud. student-run sitesTeach importance of saving, Good Credit FROM THE PAGES. 45.

Title:Budgeting Smarts
Author:Sandy Donovan
Publisher:Twenty-First Century Books - 2012-04-01


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