Buckling of Shells

Buckling of Shells

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Thin shells are very popular structures in many different branches of engineering. There are the domes, water and cooling towers, the contain ments in civil engineering, the pressure vessels and pipes in mechanical and nuclear engineering, storage tanks and platform components in marine and offshore engineering, the car bodies in the automobile industry, planes, rockets and space structures in aeronautical engineering, to mention only a few examples of the broad spectrum of application. In addition there is the large applied mechanics group involved in all the computational and experimental work in this area. Thin shells are in a way optimal structures. They play the role ofAmthe qprimadonnasq among all kinds of structures. Their performance can be extraordinary, but they can also be very sensitive. The susceptibility to buckling is a typical example. David Bushnell says in his recent review paper entitled qBuckling of Shells - Pitfall for DeSignersq: qTo the layman buckling is a mysterious, perhaps even awe inspiring phenomenon that transforms objects originally imbued with symmetrical beauty into junkq.AIAA 2259-2263 Nov. 1971. ... Analysis and User Manual for BOSOR 5. Harding ... Abramovich, H.; Singer, J. Correlation between vibration and buckling of stiffened cylindrical shells under external pressure and combined loading. Israel J. ofanbsp;...

Title:Buckling of Shells
Author:Ekkehard Ramm
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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