Britain and Tibet 1765-1947

Britain and Tibet 1765-1947

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This bibliography is a record of British relations with Tibet in the period 1765 to 1947. As such it also involves British relations with Russia and China, and with the Himalayan states of Ladakh, Lahul and Spiti, Kumaon and Garhwal, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Assam, in so far as British policy towards these states was affected by her desire to establish relations with Tibet. It also covers a subject of some importance in contemporary diplomacy. It was the legacy of unresolved problems concerning Tibet and its borders, bequeathed to India by Britain in 1947, which led to border disputes and ultimately to war between India and China in 1962. These borders are still in dispute today. It also provides background information to Tibet's claims to independence, an issue of current importance. The work is divided into a number of sections and subsections, based on chronology, geography and events. The introductions to each of the sections provide a condensed and informative history of the period and place the books and article in their historical context. Most entries are also annotated. This work is therefore both a history and a bibliography of the subject, and provides a rapid entry into a complex area for scholars in the fields of international relations and military history as well as Asian history.Hale, C. 2003. Himmler a#39;s crusade: the true story of the 1938 Nazi expedition into Tibet. London, Bantam Press, xix, 422 p. Based on diaries ... Account, with map, of his journey made in 1937 to study geomorphological problems in the area.

Title:Britain and Tibet 1765-1947
Author:Julie G. Marshall
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2005


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