Bringing Jobs Back to the USA

Bringing Jobs Back to the USA

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A follow-up to Tim Hutzel's previous book, Keeping Your Business in the USA: Profit Globally While Operating Locally, this book tells the stories of companies that have sent their jobs outside of the USA and the negative effects this had on the quality of their products and services, employees, supply chain providers, and consumers. Bringing Jobs Back to the USA: Rebuilding America's Manufacturing Through Reshoring reveals the motivation these companies had to offshore their jobs as well as the errors of omission they made by not understanding the true cost of offshoring. Exposing the true cost of offshoring to US organizations and citizens, it supplies concrete suggestions to help government officials and activists prevent offshoring and incentivize reshoring. The book provides food for thought for businesses currently thinking about sending US jobs to foreign countries. Outlining a roadmap for reshoring using a step-by-step methodology, it provides business leaders with the understanding to make the right decisions regarding reshoring their products back to America.Good salespeople and distributors will keep records showing sales by product, by customer, and by date, and they will be able to provide ... Customer Service Customer Service personnel will be able to give 88 a€c BringingJobs Back to the USA.

Title:Bringing Jobs Back to the USA
Author:Tim Hutzel, Dave Lippert
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-06-12


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