Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water

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Grace Bryant strives to keep God first. As the owner of Delilaha€™s Diner, a soul food restaurant on Detroita€™s west side, she always goes out of her way to give back to the community. Grace is an active member of New Kingdom Baptist Church and she never hesitates to help those in need. Unfortunately, ita€™s easier for Grace to do nice things for strangers than for members of her own family. Grace has lived alone for almost twenty years. She is estranged from her daughter, Shareece, a socialite who lives in a luxurious mansion with a husband who spends his money freely. Gracea€™s son, Montez, has been in prison for most of his adult life. When he finally gets paroled, Montez is confronted with temptation. While he struggles to adjust to life on the outside, the entire family is forced to confront hidden truths. Can Montez stay on the right track or is he headed back to prison? Will Shareece make the right decision about her health and her life? Can Grace finally face her own demons before ita€™s too late? Reverend Foster from Sade Morrisona€™s debut Christian fiction novel, a€œPapa Dona€™t Preacha€ returns to put a new twist on this familya€™s unique and challenging circumstances. In Sade Morrisona€™s follow-up Christian fiction novel, characters speak from the heart and connect to each other through prayer, love, laughter, and delicious soul food. a€œBridge Over Troubled Watera€ is all about letting go of shame, relinquishing pain, and embracing Goda€™s countless blessings.a€œI missed you so much, a€ Grace said. a€œI... I missed you too, Mom...a€ he was so choked up he could barely speak. a€œCome on, leta#39;s get out here.a€ Montez nodded without saying a word and climbed into the passenger seat of the Ford Fusion.

Title:Bridge Over Troubled Water
Author:Sade C. Morrison
Publisher:Story Marketplace Publishing - 2014-11-25


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