Breathless (Jason and Azazel #1)

Breathless (Jason and Azazel #1)

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What if the messiah and the anti-christ fell in love? Azazel is seventeen and sexually frustrated. Her biggest issue is trying to figure out why her seemingly normal boyfriend won't sleep with her. Then Jason races into her life. He won't say where he came from or who's chasing him. He's a delicious puzzle, a boy who has no problem using his fists to solve arguments or quoting Plato to justify his actions. Azazel is drawn to him. She's obsessed with finding out his secrets. What she doesn't know is that Jason's secrets are entwined with her own town's secrets. Her friends and family have conspired to use her as a pawn in a violent scheme. Soon, she will have to choose between protecting Jason and staying loyal to everyone she's ever trusted. A story about forbidden love, fate, and free will, Breathless is Rosemary's Baby meets The Da Vinci Code. Topics: free, freebie, paranormal romance, young adult, bad boy, fiction, historical, 21st century, romance, suspense, thriller, free romance books, free romance book, female protagonist, racy, free book, free ebook, free romance ebook, free romance novel, secret, love triangle, thriller, alpha male, bad-boy romance, new adult, teen, teen love, young love, ya paranormal, magic, escapePurposefully, I didna#39;t look at him. Ms. Campbell dropped off a textbook and syllabus at Jasona#39;s desk. Jason began flipping through it. It was Perrinea#39;s Literature: Structure, Sound, and Sense . I busied myself with beginning our journal prompt, anbsp;...

Title:Breathless (Jason and Azazel #1)
Author:V. J. Chambers
Publisher:Punk Rawk Books - 1983


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