Brand Premium

Brand Premium

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Why do consumers pay a premium price for a brand? Is it better quality, the look and feel, or is it the brand's social standing? Author Nigel Hollis believes the answer to all those questions is qyes.q Yet the vast majority of brands today trade on past equity and transient buzz. And marketers focus on plan execution rather than creating meaningful differentiation rooted in the brand experience. This lack of meaning is creating a market full of commodities rather than products that instill loyalty. But loyalty (i.e., repeat business) is the key to long term success, and that requires focusing on meaningful differentiation: functional, emotional, or societal. Here, brand expert Nigel Hollis focuses on the four components of a meaningfully different brand: purpose, delivery, resonance, and difference.This unique model will be applied to two very different brand models: premium priced and value priced. The models will show readers how to amplify what their brand stands for across all the brand touch points including: findability, affordability, credibility, vitality, and extendibility. The book will include cases of global brands such as Dyson, Johnnie Walker, Geico, Volkswagen, and more.In 2005, the two big players in the U.S. consumer phone market were Nokia and Motorola. According ... What was important about the introduction of the iPhone was that it reset expectations of what was important when buying a mobile phone .

Title:Brand Premium
Author:Nigel Hollis
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2013-10-22


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