Brand Mascots

Brand Mascots

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Tony the Tiger. The Pillsbury Doughboy. The Michelin Man. The Playboy bunny. The list of brand mascots, spokes-characters, totems and logos goes on and on and on. Mascots are one of the most widespread modes of marketing communication and one of the longest established. Yet, despite their ubiquity and utility, brand mascots seem to be held in comparatively low esteem by the corporate cognoscenti. This collection, the first of its kind, raises brand mascotsa€™ standing, both in an academic sense and from a managerial perspective. Featuring case studies and empirical analyses from around the world a€“ here Hello Kitty, there Aleksandr Orlov, beyond that Angry Birds a€“ the book presents the latest thinking on beast-based brands, broadly defined. Entirely qualitative in content, it represents a readable, reliable resource for marketing academics, marketing managers, marketing students and the consumer research community. It should also prove of interest to scholars in adjacent fields, such as cultural studies, media studies, organisation studies, anthropology, sociology, ethology and zoology.I include the diagram with some significant caveats as an encouragement for a critique which might provide the stimulus for a more comprehensive explanation. Conclusion I ended this review with the Mickey Mouse diagram and, when aiminganbsp;...

Title:Brand Mascots
Author:Stephen Brown, Sharon Ponsonby-McCabe
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-06-27


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