Boston Tea Party: PHASE II

Boston Tea Party: PHASE II

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Why is this book tittled The Boston Tea Party; PHASE II? The actual Boston Tea Party was because of the Tea Act of 1773. This Act actually made the tea cheaper, but it was creating a government controled monopoly. The Colonists saw this monopoly as a way to control all items brought into the Colonies. This would also so give the British Parliment complete and total control over their lives. The saying qno taxation without representationq came out of this movement. So the Boston Tea Party Happened. Our country is at that same point, this Administration does not listen to the people, We the people see this as taxation without representation, they even turn off their phones. The colonists Tea Act is our Health Care Bill. thus the name of the book, The Boston Tea Party; PHASE II.Ford. Clunkers. Our president decided to give General Motors stimulus money. General Motors (GM) took this money from the ... The other family cars we will have will be the ford focus unless I can get better gas mileage with a Saturn.

Title:Boston Tea Party: PHASE II
Author:John Doe
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-04-27


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