Born Under Saturn

Born Under Saturn

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A rare art history classic that The New York Times calls a a€œdelightful, scholarly and gossipy romp through the character and conduct of artists from antiquity to the French Revolution.a€ a€œThis book is fascinating to read because of the abundant quotations which bring to life so many remarkable individuals.a€a€“The New York Review of Books Born Under Saturn is a classic work of scholarship that presents, in the words of the great art historian Meyer Schapiro, a€œan enthralling story of the changing behavior of artists through the centuries.a€ Here Rudolf and Margot Wittkower explore the idea of artistic madness. It is an idea, as the Wittkowers demonstrate, that comes into its own in the Renaissance, as part of the new bid by visual artists to distinguish themselves from the mere craftsmen with whom they had been lumped together in the past. The alienated artist, the Wittkowers show, is very much a creation of the modern era. Of course, not all artists have been mad, and what makes the Wittkowersa€™ book so much fun to read is that ita€™s crammed with anecdotes about all kinds of artists, famous, infamous, and utterly obscure. Suicide, celibacy, weird hobbies, crime, brawling, miserliness, licentiousness, and much more illustrate a book that is a comprehensive, quirky, and endlessly stimulating resource for every student and lover of the arts.This is a book about the personalities of artists from ancient times to the beginning of the Romantic Age. The authors set out to discover whether there is such a thing as the artistic personality and, if there is, how it can be described.

Title:Born Under Saturn
Author:Rudolf Wittkower, Margot Wittkower
Publisher:New York Review of Books - 2006-11


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