Born Reading

Born Reading

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A program for parents and professionals on how to raise kids who love to read, featuring interviews with childhood development experts, advice from librarians, tips from authors and childrena€™s book publishers, and reading recommendations for kids from birth up to age five. Every parent wants to give his or her child a competitive advantage. In Born Reading, publishing insider (and new dad) Jason Boog explains how that can be as simple as opening a book. Studies have shown that interactive readinga€”a method that creates dialogue as you read togethera€”can raise a childa€™s IQ by more than six points. In fact, interactive reading can have just as much of a determining factor on a childa€™s IQ as vitamins and a healthy diet. But therea€™s no book that takes the cutting-edge research on interactive reading and shows parents, teachers, and librarians how to apply it to their day-to-day lives with kids, until now. Born Reading provides step-by-step instructions on interactive reading and advice for developing your childa€™s interest in books from the time they are born. Boog has done the research, talked with the leading experts in child development, and worked with them to compile the a€œBorn Reading Essential Booksa€ lists, offering specific titles tailored to the interests and passions of kids from birth to age five. But reading can take many formsa€”print books as well as ebooks and appsa€”and Born Reading also includes tips on how to use technology the right way to help (not hinder) your childa€™s intellectual development. Parents will find advice on which educational apps best supplement their childa€™s development, when to start introducing digital reading to their child, and how to use tech to help create the readers of tomorrow. Born Reading will show anyone who loves kids how to make sure the children they care about are building a powerful foundation in literacy from the beginning of life.quilt-making, but I worry these creative learning experiences will be the first thing cut as teachers struggle to make ... at the end of each chapter, you can find all the books listed as a€œtext exemplarsa€ in common core materials for teachers. In the following paragraphs, you can explore the ten english Language Arts a€œLiteracya€ tasks outlined in course materials for the common core standards for first graders, anbsp;...

Title:Born Reading
Author:Jason Boog
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2014-07-15


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