Born Bad

Born Bad

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They say you never forget your first love...and it's true. Eighteen years ago when he was still a boy, Harry made a decision that drove him from the placea€”and the girla€”he loved. Somehow in the ensuing years, he made a new life for himself and found a semblance of peace. Yet the memories of his past and of the warm, carefree girl with the laughing eyes have haunted his every waking moment. The years were not kind to sweet and pretty Judy Roberts. Forsaken at a tender age, cruelly disowned by her family, she has had to make difficult decisions in order to survivea€”guarding a shameful secret and damned by an unfairly earned reputation: a€œborn bad.a€ Now Harry is coming home. There is grave danger and painful truths here, but he needs to make things right no matter what the cost. More than that, Harry needs to be forgivena€”and he can only pray that he's not too late.They say you never forget your first love...and ita#39;s true.

Title:Born Bad
Author:Josephine Cox
Publisher:Harper Collins - 2010-03-02


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