Bonfire of the Brands

Bonfire of the Brands

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Average number of ads exposed to each day: 3000Average number of ads exposed to by age of 65: 2 millionAverage number of brand names memorised by a 10-year-old: 400Worldwide advertising spend in 2006: $427 billion.In our consumer world, saturated by branded goods, is there any escape from the vice-grip of advertising on all our lives?Neil Boorman, journalist, brand consulatant (and recovering brand addict), draws on his vast professional and personal experience to build a compelling case for change. In Bonfire Of The Brands he assesses the impact of advertising on the individual, the broader implications for society as a whole and the consequences for the near future. If the industry won't give it up, is it time for the individual to take back control?If we dona#39;t shift to a less consumerist and throwaway society, wea#39;ll hit crisis after crisis, and ita#39;s coming soon.a#39; Clare Short

Title:Bonfire of the Brands
Author:Neil Boorman
Publisher:Canongate Books - 2007


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