Blends of Natural Rubber

Blends of Natural Rubber

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Introductiong the book and rubber blends; Measurement of crosslink density in vulcanized blends; Characterization of vulcanized blends by microscoy; Estimation of crosslink density by solid-state NMR spectroscopy; NR/NMR blends: basic problems and solutions; Improving the morphology and properties of NR/NBR blends with NR/PMMA graft copolymers; Improving the morphology and properties of NR/NBR blends with polychlorprene as the compatibilizaing agent; NR/NBR blends: compounding for food contact applications; Novel natural rubber/ethylene propylene copolymer; Natural rubber/ENR-25 blends; Partition coefficients for an ester platicizer in black-filled blends; Improving resistance to low temperature crystallization in NR/ENR-25 blends; Compounding NR/ENR-25 and NR/Hv-BR/ENR-25 blends for engineering applications; Solutions to the basic problems of poor physical properties of NR/EPDM blends; Compounding NR/EPDM blends for tyre sidewalls; Compounding NR/EPDM blends for light-coloured applications; NR/EPDM blends for extruded profile weatherstrip; glossary; Index.The idea of blending synthetic rubbers with natural rubbe is certainly not a new one, but it is only now that this can be shown to be possible with consistently positive resluts, but eh use of novel techniques which this book describes, ...

Title:Blends of Natural Rubber
Author:Andrew Tinker, Kevin P. Jones, Common Fund for Commodities (United Nations)
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 1998


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