Black Skin

Black Skin

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This book is the first to concentrate on the structure and function of black skin. There are some physiological and structural differences between black and white skin; an area of intense interest is that of differences in response to sunlight and other damaging agents. An understanding of response to damaging agents is central to the problems of preventing or forestalling the early effects of aging in skin (a goal that is responsible for the current expansion in dermatological research). This book provides a concise multi-disciplinary insight into the biology, physiology, and chemistry of black skin. Primary emphasis is on the nature and origin of the pigmentary color and how this is related to specific properties of black skin, such as photoprotection and low incidence of skin cancers, that are lacking in white skin. Other topics covered include dermatology and cosmetics of black skin from a practical viewpoint of skin care and current treatments of pigmentary disorders. Black Skin is accessible to a broad range of readers from graduate students to specialists in physical anthropology, skin biology, dermatology, and cosmetology, as well as medical practitioners. Key Features * Explains the molecular basis of racial color differences and the chemistry of melanin * Covers the biologic uniqueness of black skin, including: * Lack of elastosis in young skin * Keloid formation * Includes pigmentary disorders of black skin * Addresses the cosmetics of black skinbiopsy specimens. Perhaps premelanocytes linger at different lengths of time on their way to their final destination in the skin. ... In human fetuses melanoblasts later migrate from the vicinity of the blood vessels and nerves of the skin to the epidermis. In black human ... Diagram of a dendritic melanocyte (M) surrounded by II.

Title:Black Skin
Author:William Montagna, Giuseppe Prota, John A. Kenney
Publisher:Gulf Professional Publishing - 1993


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