Black Arrow Blue Diamond

Black Arrow Blue Diamond

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Brian Mercer is one of the most outstanding post-war RAF fighter pilots and in this eminently readable autobiography he recaptures life as it was in the days of transition from flying piston-powered aircraft to jet power. His flying and leadership skills resulted in a long association with what was then considered as the finest aerobatic display team in the world - Treble One SquardronA•s A”Black ArrowsA•. Flying the elegant black Hawker Hunters in large formation displays was no easy task and the author explains in great detail how their legendary precision was achieved, revealing many exciting incidents en route. When Treble OneA•s Hunters were replaced with the supersonic Lightining fighter, it soon became clear that these superfast aircraft were not suited to close-up display flying. Brian was then asked to form a new RAF display team and continue with Hunters. This was to become the No. 92 SquadronA•s Blue DiamondsA•, who inherited the star role. Faced with the fact that future promotion within the RAF would move him from cockpit to desk, Brian elected to join then then fledgling airline, Cathay Pacific. His story continues with many exciting incidents flying from the companyA•s home base at Kai Tak in Hong Kong.One night just before the top of descent into Tokyo, I was asked by a training captain to recite from memory the whole of the electrical fire drill. This was ridiculous; this complex procedure took up about three pages in the flight manual and that sort of drill should never be done ... For several years Cathay Pacific was the best airline in the world to work for: the pay was very good, income tax was a flat 15 peranbsp;...

Title:Black Arrow Blue Diamond
Author:Brian Mercer
Publisher:Pen and Sword - 2006-06-15


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