Biotechnology, Products of Primary Metabolism

Biotechnology, Products of Primary Metabolism

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Fermentation products of primary metabolism such as ethanol, acetic acid, and lactic acid were the first commercial products of the fermentation industry, followed by citric acid and related products of fungal origin. As high-volume/low-price products they still occupy top positions in the respective markets. Several of these, especially alcohols, have attracted additional attention as possible sources of alternative energy carriers and chemicals. This volume describes theory and practice of production of these commodities - from classical processes to most recent developments - and also provides data on the relevant raw materials. Futhermore, products related to primary metabolism are treated in this volume. Topics included are: Sugar-Based/Starch-Based Raw Materials - Ethanol - Glycerol and Other Polyols - Acetone, Butanol, Isopropanol - 2, 3-Butanediol - Lactic Acid - Citric Acid - Gluconic Acid - Further Organic Acids - Acetic Acid - PHB and Other Polyhydroxyalkanoic Acids - Amino Acids - Nucleotides - Extracellular Polysaccharides - BiosurfactantsSince the heat of compression is available immediately as the engine turns over, the Brandt type engine has no cold start-up problems. Using the same ... The Rabbit and Jetta use the same continuous flow fuel injection system, with lambda feedback control via an oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold. ... The cold start valve function is initiated when the ignition switch is turned to aquot;startaquot;. The fuel pumpanbsp;...

Title:Biotechnology, Products of Primary Metabolism
Author:Max Roehr
Publisher:Wiley-Blackwell - 1996-12-16


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