Biotechnology: Genetic fundamentals and genetic engineering

Biotechnology: Genetic fundamentals and genetic engineering

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Without sufficient knowledge of classical and molecular genetics as well as of genetic engineering, it is not possible to fully unterstand biotechnological processes. Clear, concise and comprehensive, Volume 2 gives scientists all the information they need to carry out research and production in this field. In Part I of the book the classical genetic techniques relevant to biotechnology are presented. Part II highlights the recent advances in molecular genetics which have revolutionized our knowledge in the field. Part III deals with the genetic engineering of microorganisms, and Parts IV and V concentrate on plants and animals - multicellular organsims which require special genetic engineering techniques. In the final Part VI biosafety concepts in modern biotechnology are treated. Topics included are: Mutagenesis/ Genetic Exchange Processes/ Cell Fusion/ Gene Mapping/ Transposable Elements/ Gene Expression/ Synthesis of Oligonucleotides/ Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)/ Transposons/ Transformation Vectors/ Recombinant Proteins/ Gene Amplification/ Transgenic Plants and Animals/ Biosafety ConceptsGodfrey, O., Ford, L., Huber, M. L. B. (1978), Interspecies matings of Slreplomyces fradiae with Streptomyces bikiniensis mediated by conventional and protoplast fusion techniques, Can. J. Microbiol. ... glucosidase by an inter- generic bacterial hybrid between Cellulomonas and Bacillus subtilis, Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. ... Ward, J. M., Schrempf, H. (1985a), Genetic Manipulation of Streptomyces: A Laboratory Manual, Norwich, UK: John Innes Foundation. Hopwood, D. A., Malpartidaanbsp;...

Title:Biotechnology: Genetic fundamentals and genetic engineering
Author:Hans-Jürgen Rehm, Alfred Pühler, Gerald Reed
Publisher:Wiley-VCH - 1993


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