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This book provides an integrated treatment of the structure and function of nucleic acids, proteins, and glycans, including thorough coverage of relevant computational biochemistry. The text begins with an introduction to the biomacromolecules, followed by discussion of methods of isolation and purification, physiochemical and biochemical properties, and structural characteristics. The next section of the book deals with sequence analysis, analysis of conformation using spectroscopy, chemical synthesis, and computational approaches. The following chapters discuss biomolecular interactions, enzyme action, gene transmission, signal transduction, and biomacromolecular informatics. The author concludes with presenting the latest findings in genomics, proteomics, glycomics, and biomacromolecular evolution. This text is an invaluable resource for research professionals wishing to move into genomics, proteomics, and glycomics research. It is also useful for students in biochemistry, molecular biology, bioengineering, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.Chem. Int. Ed. Engl., 27, 1040-9. DOBSON, C.M., EvANs, RA. and RADFoRD, S.E. (1994) Trends in Biochemical Science, 19, ... KAY, B., WINTER, J. and MCCAFFERTY, J. (1996) Phage Display ofPeptides and Proteins: A Laboratory Manual, anbsp;...

Author:C. Stan Tsai
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2007-01-16


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