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Both books included. BILLY, IT'S TIME and BILLY, IT'S TIME (SEQUEL) BILLY, IT'S TIME Billy and Travis loaded up their Honda 750 and left their run down trailers to the landlord for back rent due. It's no longer feasible to stay in Georgia, neither one has worked for over a year. They were starving, and could not last much longer. It was time for change. They landed a small Carpenter job to give them enough money to start their journey. Along the way in search of work, they meet like minded people in dire need such as themselves. The year is 2017 and the bottom fell out of the economy, crime was the new law of the land, no police. The criminals use whatever force, necessary to survive. Under constant attacks, they were losing their battle to survive, until they form a brotherhood with the Cherokee Nation, which results in a combined force with Billy's new group of people and the Cherokee Indians. A force the townspeople have never seen. The ferocity of their combined group is unmatched. BILLY, IT'S TIME (SEQUEL) The fear the town's people once had, now replaced with desperation and hunger. New relationships are built and children are born. This book will cause a tear to fall when you read it. Word count 30, 000. Contains Violence, for adults.a€œThey picked out a nice Chevy Silverado that was turbo diesel and 4 x 4. ... Billy told everyone to enjoy steaks tonight because starting tomorrow our menu was changing we were going to start ... After falling off a time or two Billy got the hang of riding the horse, Travis was a natural with horses he had no problems riding.

Author:Michael Buckley
Publisher:Michael P Buckley - 2013-12-03


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