Bicycling Beyond the Divide

Bicycling Beyond the Divide

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On a journey begun twenty years earlier, Daryl Farmer, a twenty-year-old two-time college dropout, did what lost men have so often done in this country: he headed west. Twenty years later and seventy pounds heavier, with the yellowing journals from that transformative five-thousand-mile bicycle trek in his pack, Farmer set out to retrace his path. This is his story of pursuing that distant summer and that distant dream of home, where home is endless space, a roof of big sky, and a bed of dry earth. Just as the years altered the man, so, too, have they altered the West, and Farmer s second journey affords a unique perspective on these changes as well as on what lasts. Whether caught in a Colorado snowstorm or braving a Yellowstone herd of bison, kayaking with orcas in Puget Sound, trading Ninja moves with a homeless man in San Francisco, or getting the lowdown on aliens on Nevada s Extraterrestrial Highway, Farmer charts a moving landscape of people and places. This is the West where the natural world and personal character are inextricably linked, and where one man s ride into the past and present takes us to the heart of that ever-evolving connection.The bicycle, sans seat and tires, fit neatly in the Dodge Neon, and I stashed the rest of the gear in the trunk. I pulled out of the rental car agency parking lot and drove back into Arcata and to a coffee shop, where alternative soul bounced from small speakers on shelves high in the corners and a teenage boy, with dirty- blond dreadlocks, talked to a man in an old green t-shirt that said thc; bright abstractanbsp;...

Title:Bicycling Beyond the Divide
Author:Daryl Farmer
Publisher:U of Nebraska Press - 2008-01-01


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