Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide

Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide

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This forward-thinking collection presents new work that looks beyond the division between the analytic and continental philosophical traditionsa€”one that has long caused dissension, mutual distrust, and institutional barriers to the development of common concerns and problems. Rather than rehearsing the causes of the divide, contributors draw upon the problems, methods, and results of both traditions to show what post-divide philosophical work looks like in practice. Ranging from metaphysics and philosophy of mind to political philosophy and ethics, the papers gathered here bring into mutual dialogue a wide range of recent and contemporary thinkers, and confront leading problems common to both traditions, including methodology, ontology, meaning, truth, values, and personhood. Collectively, these essays show that it is already possible to foresee a future for philosophical thought and practice no longer determined neither as qanalyticq nor as qcontinental, q but, instead, as a pluralistic synthesis of what is best in both traditions. The new work assembled here shows how the problems, projects, and ambitions of twentieth-century philosophy are already being taken up and productively transformed to produce new insights, questions, and methods for philosophy today.In the essay, Smith shows how the a€œsemantica€ conception of truth developed by Alfred Tarski on the basis of his formal analysis of the definition and structure of truth-predicates for specific formal languages can be generalized to provide aanbsp;...

Title:Beyond the Analytic-Continental Divide
Author:Jeffery A. Bell, Andrew Cutrofello, Paul M. Livingston
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-08-27


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