Between You and Me

Between You and Me

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Back when they were young, Cate and Margie's friendship meant the world to them. But now they're worlds apart. Cate's living in Scotland with her gorgeous husband Dan and their perfect children: her life apparently a textbook example of domestic bliss. Margie, meanwhile, is a vision of career success. Her on-off boyfriend is a dashing war correspondent and her own job, as a highly-paid television executive, is exciting and demanding. To anyone looking in, her life is enviable. Then a school reunion brings them back together and it will be just in time. As their lives start spinning in unexpected new directions, having a best friend once more might be exactly what both women and Cate had always known when to make herself scarce. ... Inthe utility room, she waiteduntil ithad cometo a squeaking stop, then transferred a tumble of thegirlsa#39;wet clothes into the dryer and lifted a fresh armful from the laundry bin.

Title:Between You and Me
Author:Kirsty Scott
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2008-06-12


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