Between the Devil and the Deep...

Between the Devil and the Deep...

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Ames wants to escape from intercity gang life in the Mission District of San Francisco, which challenges his physical, emotional and spiritual life. Attempting to break out of the gang related activities in which he is involved; he has to rely on his inner strength. His journey takes him through dangers in gang fights, into the back streets of Hong Kong, to the city room of a newspaper where a deranged reporter wants to kill him, to missionary in Central America, to prison chaplain and to storms at sea. Shadowing his life is the feeling he will slip back to being as evil as he was in the street gang. In the church, he has a reputation as a qmaverick.q His path to escape his problems is the sea and sailing to far distant lands. Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular disease, debilitates Ames. Suddenly he looses his ability to preach, to sail, to sing. Now what does God have in store for him? Those who are interested in real life adventures, in mission work, prison ministry, or sailing will find this book entertaining and exciting. Many will find hope in this book for making their own escape from the ghettos of their lives. They also, like the author, can escape.Because the little gasoline engine was air-cooled and had no exterior exhaust, every time I ran it we could not go below into the cabin. ... This worked fine until the day the engine wiring, which had been improperly installed, caught fire.

Title:Between the Devil and the Deep...
Author:Ames K. Swartsfager
Publisher:AMES SWARTSFAGER - 2009


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