Bestseller Tactics 2

Bestseller Tactics 2

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The Ultimate Book Marketing System Includes the latest strategies using Kindle Countdown Deals and Kindle Matchbook So, you've self published your kindle book on Amazon and now you're waiting for the money to come rolling in. You may be waiting a while... and you've learned that it's not as easy as they say to make money with Kindle, then chances are that you are spending more and more time marketing than you spend writing, and that's not good. Creating a book is a great achievement. Even when your book is primed for marketing as covered in Bestseller Tactics Book 1, you still need to give it a push to get things rolling. The problem is that sometimes you have a good launch and all goes well, and sometimes it doesn't work as well. This leaves you wondering what you did right and what you did wrong. Then of course the sales slip into oblivion and you have to start all over again. Frustrating isnt it? Imagine if you had a system that guaranteed to get your book moving. Giving it the best chance of success in sales. How would that feel?, would it make a difference to you? That is what you will find in this second book in the Bestseller Tactics series. This book contains a step-by-step, repeatable system of marketing for Kindle and Paperback books on Amazon. It covers the launch using a free promotion, and continues with the ongoing marketing of your books. Breaking the launch process into four stages, you will be able to comfortably repeat the same methods time and time again, with the results clearly visible in your sales figures. The book comes complete with a supporting documentation pack containing checklists, and a comprehensive collection of places to market your books for free. In total, this gives access to almost half a million readers. Every single time that the full launch system has been used, the book in question has reached well into the top 100 free on a KDP Select promotion all within two days, Also hitting the top three of the Hot New Releases. That's right - Every Single Time. What's Inside? The Launch System Sustaining Sales Using Paid Promotions The 0.99 Promotion The Re-Launch Over 300 places to market your book for free Comprehensive supporting documentation And Much More I'm not going to promise you that everything will be easy, those who have read my work before will know that I do not work that way. You already know that the business of an author is more a marathon than a sprint. Coupled with Book one in the series, this will give you a solid system of marketing which makes the best of the Amazon Algorithms and gives you a repeatable method of getting your book seen by readers. This book series is aimed at those authors that are serious about selling more books on Kindle using advanced sales a marketing techniques. The books contain practical advice and methods that are all backed by rigorous testing. It's a bullshit free zone, unlike many of the books or WSO's available that promise you riches beyond compare. You like the sound of that? If you enjoyed the kindle self publishing Bible by Tom Corson Knowles and Derek Doepker's 'Kindle Bestseller Secrets' then you will like this too. If you enjoy the advanced techniques and strategies to sell more books like those shared by David Gaughran in 'Lets Get Visible' and Anbu Rayappan's 'Kindle Book Millionaire' then you'll enjoy this also. Take A 'Look Inside' Before you buy the book, have a read of the first chapter. Click the book cover image at the top left of this page.That is what you will find in this second book in the Bestseller Tactics series. This book contains a step-by-step, repeatable system of marketing for Kindle and Paperback books on Amazon.

Title:Bestseller Tactics 2
Author:Glyn Williams
Publisher:CreateSpace - 2013-11


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