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Twelve-year-old Nyshell has more than her share of challenges, but that's why she received an implant. By having built-in tutors and other tools piped into her brain, Nyshell and those like her have a shot at succeeding alongside the wealthy kids who easily afford such enhancements. Normally, parents control the installation of implant apps, but in a near-future society still much like our own, parenting can slip. Things happen that shouldn't. And when all a girl wants is to have one friend, even if that friend exists only inside her head, that desire may change the lives of millions...if it doesn't destroy her first. This novella is over 27, 000 words and is rated PG for one semi-violent scene.Nyshell turned the sparkling plastic strip over and saw the Amazon logos. a€œKindle download.a€ The disappointment showed on her moma#39;s face. a€œHow much?a€ Nyshell looked at her blankly. Her mom waved at the pile. a€œGrab the cards and tell meanbsp;...

Author:William Van Winkle
Publisher:Enwritenment Publishing - 2013-06-14


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