Best Guns

Best Guns

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This nearly encyclopedic gathering of gun knowledge deals with the world of shotguns in two distinct sections. The first, qAmerica's Best, q looks at each of the finest guns made in the United States during the Golden Age of gunmaking. Names such as Parker, A.H. Fox, L.C. SMith, Ithaca, Lefever, and others once were more than simply names on old guns; they were people and companies, inventively vying for a share of a growing gun market. Their efforts created guns of lasting value and fame. In the second section, qToday's Best, q McIntosh explores the world of fine guns as it exists today, country by country, commenting on guns whose intrinsic merit qualifies them as qbestq guns. He looks at the gunmaking centers of England, Italy, France, Belgium, and Spain and talks of the names that warm the hearts of those who appreciate the workmanship, dynamics, and qfeelq of a fine guna€”names such as Purdey, Holland a Holland, Granger, Fabbri, Piotti, Arrizabalaga, and others. McIntosh offers advice on buying and shooting older gunsa€”what to look for and what to look out for. As interest in fine double guns reaches a new high in this country, Best Guns serves both as a guide for the uninitiated and as a standard reference for the experienced collector and shooter.The workmanship is well below typical Fox standards, even those of the Savage years. ... For nearly fifty years, it turned out myriad lightindustry items, from battery chargers and aircraft parts to locks, electrical outlets, and fishing reels. ... the targetshooting market with various trap and skeet gunsa€”the Skeeter in 1931, Trap Grade double in 1932, and various targetstyle Sterlingworths off and on for years.

Title:Best Guns
Author:Michael McIntosh
Publisher:Down East Books - 1999-01-01


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