Belize Survivor

Belize Survivor

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In the early seventies, the anti-establishment counterculture evolved into a new movement of health and agricultural purists. Rebelling against the politics and pollution of the U.S., these young people sought to create their own natural paradise outside its borders. This is the story of one such expatriated American, a starry-eyed wild child who searches for a fantasy lifestyle and gets more than she bargains for. The storyline, a colorful tapestry of romantic adventure set in the jungles of Belize, Central America, is flavored with vivid imagery, picturesque characters, wild animals, and Mayan archaeological intrigue. But it is also a compelling story of a maturing young woman and her battle with the darker side of human nature, of innocence lost, deception, infidelity, and heartbreaking exile. Full of poignant moral dilemma, it is a story of one woman's survival, of exceptional courage, strength in overcoming adversity, spiritual growth, and eventual triumph.She couldna#39;t get the keys out of the ignition. Her stream of consciousness ran amok. What will I do now? I cana#39;t leave the car without locking it and taking the key. Here I am in the middle of downtown Miami and I cana#39;t get my key out of theanbsp;...

Title:Belize Survivor
Author:Nancy R. Koerner - 2007


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