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No one said a word as we struggled to walk in the blustery cold to the spot where we would gather one more time to be with her. We all stared ahead to the area resting under the large cruci-fix, where we would say goodbye to her for the last time. I looked at the small, square hole in the frozen ground and started trembling. This would be her final resting place. Choking back tears and gasping to catch my breath, I wondered how a young woman so full of life and goodness could be ripped away from us in such a cruel and horrific manner. How could this have happened? How would we survive? No answers came to me. The only truth was that Becky was dead, and our lives would be forever changed. BEING WITH BECKY is based on the true life-sharing experiences of two sisters from Northwest Ohio. The author weaves tales of their times together from early family gatherings to ski trips with friends, revealing the close bond they treasured deeply. When Becky is tragically killed, the author must wrestle with the emotional chaos that sets in and cripples her spirit. In a world that no longer makes any sense, she desperately tries to pick up the pieces of her life and vows to honor the sister who once called her, my hero.With so many children to keep occupied and involved, my Mom and Dad would get us a different game each Christmas. Early favorites were Family Feud and Charades, where we would split into two teams and face off in answering questions.

Author:Lisa Binkowski
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-10


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