Been There

Been There

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a€œI truly thought my reports and journals might be of interest to GM to be used as a training tool for new officers. But the idea was rejected due to security personnel being hired by outside agencies. So I put it in book form. Some will find it degrading and others may find it interesting. Most have no idea what takes place in a manufacturing plant, (up to now). Whichever, category you fall into Ia€™m sure youa€™ll feel you got your moneya€™s worth.a€ Enjoy, Don MontieAlso in the truck of his car was found 8 bottles of Boons Farm wine and numerous empty cans of beer. The employe ... On 5/31/73, at approximately 4:45 PM employe Peter Jonn punched his time card in and stepped over to the security office asking for change for a quarter. No one ... Upon further investigation I found an antenna wire leading to the roof where a car antenna had been installed. This wasanbsp;...

Title:Been There
Author:Don Montie
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2007-11-29


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