Bedlam City: Savage Worlds Edition

Bedlam City: Savage Worlds Edition

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WELCOME TO BEDLAM!Take a trip back to the Iron Age of comics and visit Bedlam City. It's the smaller, dirtier and more dangerous town next door to your superhero campaign's shining metropolis, presented here in lavish detail. Stalk its alleys, punch out its supervillains, expose its horrible secrets--and have no fear, there are always plenty more where they came from.Weighing in at a whopping 394 pages, this book is crammed with dozens of NPCs, neighborhoods, adventure seeds and locations, with enough back-stories and plot arcs to keep your PCs playing for years.Fully compatible with the Super Powers Companion Bedlam City is fast, fun and ferocious, with no new rules to learn or systems to memorize. If you own a copy of the Super Powers Companion you can pick up Bedlam City and start playing it right now.So what are you waiting for? Bedlam is calling. There's a shadowy rooftop out there just waiting for you to start lurking on it...Their customer service has been outsourced to Bangalore, India and is notoriously unresponsive. They do not ... They do not offer internet and their cell- phone service is designed to keep other companies from being able to get a connection.

Title:Bedlam City: Savage Worlds Edition
Author:James Thomson - 2009-12-24


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