Becoming a One Person Band

Becoming a One Person Band

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This book qBecoming a One Person Bandq gives advice and tips on how to help a person to go from being a keyboard player (or perhaps other musician) to becoming a one person band of 4 or even as many as 16 instruments. This approach does require a home recording studio and some information is provided in this book on possible approaches. However, there are of course many ways to do a home recording studio, and so this book concentrates more on technique and how perhaps to determine what notes or chords to play. What do you need? A recording studio of course. But also a desire to become your own one person band as a hobby or even more than a hobby. And while a musician who only plays guitar or non keyboards may go a distance into becoming your own band, keyboard background would be even more helpful. What kind of keyboard background would a person need? If a person has experience with piano, organ or accordion or simply a modern day keyboard or keyboard controller and has one already, that would be a great start. Why the emphasis on keyboards? Modern day midi systems or DAW (Digital Audio Workstations) often take their inputs from keyboards and with that can create many sounds and also sound effects. Yes, much can be done with guitars and perhaps just writing notes in for other parts, but keyboard experience is a great help. What talent is needed? It would be hard for me to define that. I never felt that I was anything special and yet I have accomplished a number of one person band songs with as many as 15 parts, and also enjoyed doing it. Of course if you have something of a music and band background and also some music theory background it is of course a big help. I do wish you the very best in your music endeavor, and hope that this book is at least a little helpful to you and your dreams or hobby. Ron Plachno (author)AUDIO RECORD PROBLEMS a€“ MULTI CHANNEL AUDIO RECORDER LEFT and RIGHT STEREO SOUND THE SAME a€“ This is quite frankly easy to do even after all this ... Simply do a song where most is only the left as a test case . ... Then when you play it, regardless of wires in the wrong spots or whatever, you will beanbsp;...

Title:Becoming a One Person Band
Author:Ronald J. Plachno
Publisher:Ronald J. Plachno - 2014-05-11


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