Becoming a computer musician

Becoming a computer musician

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Addressed to hobbyists, educators, and professional musicians, this introductory guide explains the basic principles of using computers to compose, arrange, and generate music, the technology involved, and MIDI, with examples on the disk included. Original. (Intermediate).56 Chapter 4 level of the device supplying the sound with the sound carda#39;s internal sound processors. Very pro. A Joystick Port ... This port was originally designed for game use, but as computer musicians we dona#39;t have time for games; wea#39;re making music! But those ... Most sound cards require that you purchase an adapter such as that shown in Figure 4.12 to get MIDI into and out of this port. Youa#39;ll need the ... sound cards. All About Sound Cards 57 Sound Cards for Macintosh Apple.

Title:Becoming a computer musician
Author:Jeff Bowen
Publisher:Sams - 1994


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