Beauty For Ashes and Other Life Lessons

Beauty For Ashes and Other Life Lessons

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Beauty For Ashes The creatures in the Valley of Harmony learn a tough lesson about listening to the grumbling and anger coming over the Mountain of Tribulation. Greener Pastures On The Other Side Of The Road He can renew the faith of Miss Shirley Fluffytail after she is humiliated by the neighborhood bully cat. God can even use the valleys and mountains to reveal the trouble one can get into by listening to the wrong things and the pain it causes to come back to renewed life. Sammy Solar Space Cadet God also uses humans and space critters to do His will. Sammy Solar Cadeta€™s life long dream was to go to Earth and meet with the Eloepe. Love of the Father Poor Charleen has been ill for some time and cana€™t seem to figure out that only God is the one that knows the timing of all things and they will get accomplished in His time. He is always faithful to his promises. Truth or lie A young man going about his daily life suddenly wakes to find he is at the gate of heaven. He begins to question his choices in life. Lucifer: Pride goes before the Fall A glimpse at what Lucifer was doing prior to his downfall. Mommaa€™s Wish A son is concerned for his dying mother whose only wish has been to have her very own Bible. Jesus Loves Santa Too A tale of how Jesus could use Santa as one of his own in times when the world is saying there is no time for Jesus in Christmas. Discipline Two brothers learn lessons of obedience when they are denied permission to accompany their mom and dad on a camping trip. Dear Diary A young school girl keeps a record of her thoughts towards her mother and tries to find out who really loves her.Lucky had tried to ignore him, but the big horn was disturbing the whole neighborhood and causing a spectacle. ... a€œLucky, the ownera#39;s Manual tells us to fear him who can kill the battery not just the frame. you are a gnat challenging the creatoranbsp;...

Title:Beauty For Ashes and Other Life Lessons
Author:jl bowman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-10-09


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